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It’s Been 3 Years And No Proposal, Contemplating Moving On? Weddings, Family And Relationships

If you want to marry, five years is a long time to date somebody without having a definite sense of when it’s going to happen. If marriage was on his radar, I think you guys would be having more open conversations about the subject, and it wouldn’t be this vague thing that would just magically make itself happen down the road. You would actually be working towards a specific goal and organizing your lives and finances around that. Are you talking about the post medical school training piece, the last thing before he becomes a doctor? Residents can barely sleep let alone shop for a ring & propose Covid is probably making his life even worse. This is not a manipulation, a tactic, or an ultimatum — understand that.

Communicate Your Expectations Clearly and Early

I have to renew my visa here once a year, and it’s an expensive and time consuming process. If we got married, this wouldn’t be a problrm anymore. I just feel like after all this time and after me living here for him I should have a clear future with or without him ahead.

How to love an introvert: 10 tips for understanding their needs

These signs help you explain if he considers your relationship to keep otherwise just fun for right away. Establish clear boundaries – From the moment you start dating, it’s important to set boundaries with your partner. This isn’t always easy, but it’s important to be honest and straightforward about what’s permissible and what isn’t.

It’s been so long and I have brought up my thoughts on marriage 2 more times since the 3.5 year talk and no longer feel excited about the prospect of getting engaged and married. I’m worried that this behavior will continue in into our future together (potential issues/delays planning a wedding, making life decisions, etc.). At this point I feel like a proposal would be more of an event to keep me quiet and not because it’s something he wants. If you can’t communicate honestly around this, I don’t see marrying this person as the next best idea. Last summer was the first time I talked to him about it.

If you divorce after you have sacrificed to advance his career there is precedent that would entitle you to 1/2 his practice. Lemme just say it’s okay for him not to want to marry. But you also have specific wishes and preferences. If, after you talk, it becomes clear that you guys really are not on the same page, you should end things.

It might take them longer than a year to say «I love you,» or they may not be the type who will ever say it — the possibilities here are truly endless. To plan for the future, you’ll need to know each other’s goals, dreams, and aspirations. So take note if the one year mark rolls around, and these types of things aren’t being discussed. By the way, he essentially want to marry you by making your union legal.

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So if you’re keeping a toothbrush and half your wardrobe at your partner’s place, it might be time to talk about potentially sharing a residence. That may be true – but it would have been a lot easier to end the relationship and move on if they hadn’t been living together. Once you live together, it’s very difficult to disrupt your whole life and walk away if the person won’t commit. If those women hadn’t lived with their boyfriends, by now they might have dumped him and met someone else who wanted to marry them, rather than being stuck in this living arrangement with someone who won’t commit. I have seen so many women who are in 7 or 8 year long relationships and they have never married.

The Waiting Game: How Long Is Too Long for Marriage

I would seriously discuss marriage at 1.5 year mark and will be out of there if the proposal doesn’t come after 2 years. FYI, I lived with my exH before we got married. You and your partner treat each other with love and respect. Never a good idea to ignore clear messaging in favour of what you think SHOULD happen.

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So if your partner is talking about the future, introducing you to their family, etc., it’s definitely a good sign. You need to have an honest conversation about how much this hurts you. If he is the man for you HyeSingles he would want to end this stress. There are people who marry just to bring the ones they love to their country. If he won’t marry you even though you have done so much to be with him, he’s just not the one.