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How To Create A Character Profile: With Template And Step By Step Instructions

Start with a simple sentence describing the character. Many writers start off with a very short description of a character before doing a full profile. This quick description usually describes a distinguishing feature and sets the tone for the character’s role in the story. Before planning a character completely, imagine how you might introduce that character into the story and what you’d want the audience to know about them. This is usually the part of the character profile that writers have the most fun with. It’s always interesting to try to create a look for your character and bring them to life.


Even if it isn’t the story you plan to work on, you’ll be learning about your character through experience–and that’s one of the quickest ways to learn. I’m kind of relieved that I’m not the only one that detests templates. Names, hair color and style, age, their address if I ever use it. For instance in the first draft of Vampire Stasis I forgot to write notes for Julie’s school schedule.

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Best Online Dating Profile Examples for 2023 (for Guys & Girls)

If something about a character changes, change all relevant information in their profile. Most of the time, a novel will have only a single protagonist. Search over 500,000 beautiful photos powered by Unsplash then drag images straight onto your board. Once you’ve defined an initial archetype, you can begin to shape the character and make them original.

Tinder Profile Template – Guide to Creating a Killer Profile

A character’s background and past will play a huge role in their present life. Even if their history is not a huge part of the story itself, it needs to be known. Many of the larger details will be included in your story. Having the information is important for you to know your character well enough to write them.

According to data analysis from a major online dating site, guys who had words like “knight in shining armor,” “thoughtful,” and “give back” got 60+% more messages. Specific details make you seem more genuine, relatable, and compelling. And when it comes to exclusive dating apps, everything counts either for or against you – so you need to put some real thought into every single word you choose to include.

Edgar Allan Poe Dating Profile for Characterization & Paired Poetry Passages

Details may also help define a character’s motives. JotterPad’s character profile template that you can fill in and build your character with ease. For example, a character profile for a main character in a romance novel may pay more attention to how they behave in a relationship, their love language, et cetera.

More in-depth information on their consciousness, feelings, goals, desires, and dreams may be found in this section. Detailed information might include their life objectives, beliefs, and the emotions that your character carries. Physical Appearance – How does your character appear physically?

Start simple with the character’s personal relationships. List their parents, siblings, and other close family members. Even if a detail like a protagonist’s bedtime routine may seem insignificant it might be exactly what you need to kick off a new scene. You can use it to dig deeper into what worries might keep the protagonist up at night.

Ideally, they should be forced to confront that thing over the course of the story in order to get the thing that motivated them to take action in the first place. For example, if the cultures in your novel have certain biases towards people based on outward appearance, then this section could be quite important. There’s a lot of important details encompassed in each of these, so let’s dive in. Formatting Templates A free formatting template generator to format books in Microsoft Word. If you won the lottery… You’d start a nonprofit to encourage kids to get into STEM.