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INFJ Compatibility In Relationships With MBTI Personality Types

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INFJ Relationships

If you find yourself dating this personality type, a little outside advice could make a huge difference. Here are 10 things you should know if you are dating an INFJ. If you’ve heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test, you’ve probably heard of the personality type known as INFJ.

It Will Be The Most Connected Relationship Ever

You are logic-driven, whereas your counterpart is values-driven. Although you both like to analyze, your interest lies more with logic and reason—does this make sense? Is it the most efficient, the most even-handed option? On the other hand, your counterpart takes their cues from morality and ethics—how can this work best for people? Still, the deep level of this compatible pair often leads to a thriving relationship with a spiritual connection that is out of this world. A physical relationship between an INFP personality and an INFJ personality would likely be very intense.

A relationship with an INFJ is something that will last for a long time because this personality is fiercely loyal and is not one to walk away. Unfortunately, INFJs do not mix well with ESTPs, mainly because ESTPs are insensitive and unemotional. Performing acts of service for their partner is the love language through which INFJs tangibly show they care. They view intimacy as a service which they are happy to offer, and they embrace the opportunity to give their partner unconditional love. In INFJ relationships, as in most aspects of their life, INFJs are perfectionists. This can be frustrating to a partner who sees perfectionism as anything other than charming.

But INFJs are idealists — we believe everyone has the potential to become a better person and expect others to work toward that potential in the same way we expect ourselves to. When it comes to romance, there is usually little to no grey area for the INFJ – they’re usually all in or all out. INFJs are known for their extremes and their romanticism is no exception. These types make great partners because they can be incredibly thoughtful, warm and attuned to your needs.

They may have verbalizing their deepest feelings. INFJs are goal-oriented and could view the lackadaisical attitudes of an INFP personality type as being lazy or unmotivated. Regardless of their similarities, in day-to-day life, difficulties may arise. INFPs and INFJs have very different ways of organizing their lives, so much so that it could lead to friction in a relationship that needs harmony. It can take a while to work through all of the feelings and to even start to see ourselves without that person in our life.

An INFJ and an ENTP personality pairing make a great couple because the ENTP personality is more of an extrovert, but are still compassionate and understanding. ENTP will bring an INFJ out of their shell, using a creative and resourceful approach. People who are INFJs are deeply curious about what it is that motivates others. Combined with their observant nature, this curiosity makes them particularly insightful about the people they love.

Personality type is a powerful tool you can use to improve your relationships and find compatible love. WE have ebooks for each of the 16 personalities to solve the problems you’re having in your relationships. T-types can also be a good fit, although good communication between both parties will be necessary to ensure that feelings aren’t hurt. This attitude can cause many to think of INFJs as close-minded, mostly because they prefer a certain way of doing things . Often, the more organized partner ends up taking on more of the shared responsibilities, simply because they’re paying more attention to what needs to be done.

Someone who can be supportive of the INFJs needs and enjoys listening to them talk and express their feelings. Having someone who actually shows that they care and is capable of standing by them through anything, these are the things that mean the world to the INFJ. When someone has seen the many layers of the INFJ without judgment and fully accepts them, this is when they are truly going to feel happy in a relationship.

Sometimes the hardest part of a relationship is being vulnerable. People who want to share their feelings might not know how to put them into words or even how to begin understanding what their feelings are. This is much less of an issue in a relationship with an INFJ. The INFJ personality type is extremely warm and affirming. When you’ve had a bad day, INFJs will be bummed and understanding.

In truth, INFJs keep so much to themselves and have many layers which make it difficult for them to feel comfortable really opening up to someone, even if they like them very much. INFJs spend a lot of time dreaming about the future. While some personality types are focused on the past or the present, INFJs spend most of their time thinking about the future.

INFJ are masters when it comes to reading people and their motives. The Ni/Fe/Se combination, whether occurring in INFJs or ENFJs, is adept at detecting and interpreting human emotions. Not only are INFJs adept a surveying and reading emotions, but they are highly skilled at solving people-related problems. The inner world of INFJs in many ways resembles the outer world of ENFPs.