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Moonbyul And Solar Dating Do You Think Solar And Moonbyul Actually Like Eachother? Friendship, Dating & Love Are Just A Call Away

About her ideal type, Solar once said that she wants someone who wears smart, stylish clothes and has an excellent sense of humor. She even named a few celebrities who she considers her ideal type, such as comedian Yoo Jae Suk and rapper Simon Dominic. She is a big lover of animals and has a pet dog called Daebakie. She is a shopaholic who goes shopping for clothes on a daily basis, and because she enjoys wearing long-sleeved clothes, she has been given the nickname ‘Conservative Mom”. However, she also likes to curse, and has been given a second nickname for that which is ‘Black Hole’. Moonbyul likes to travel and has stated in an interview she is dreaming about having a tour around the US, which she and the other band members are planning to do in either 2020 or 2021.

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Like Jin, Dahyun is known to be extremely confident and funny. The K-pop idol is definitely not scared to be herself in front of many people. Jisoo and Jin often get shipped together as they are the eldest in their group’s. The two are also known to be the visuals of their groups due to their incredible good-looks, fitting perfectly within the beauty standards of South Korea. Some fans even go as far as calling Jisoo the ‘girl version’ of Jin, as the two have very similar personalities.

SA yea this is the one I was talking about. Both of their behavior was a little too suspicious. With the way yong used to yell weird at anything that could even hint at feelings I always had a vibe something had already happened. The fact she was quiet and nervous when the topic came up always said a lot to me.

She also didn’t seem to care much about the fans that were watching the live broadcast, which upset many. Thankfully, the idol took to Instagram to apologise for her actions. For those of you who don’t know, Eric Nam and Solar were on a show where they PRETENDED to be married. Many Solar and Moonbyul shippers through hate at Eric Nam for being a “homewrecker” and Eric Nam fans were upset with Solar as well. The idol shared that her new mini-album ‘6equence’ would be similarly gender-neutral.

But when you over analyze a relationship and let it affect people in real life, that’s when it goes too far. On the wgm panel, the hosts straight up asked moonbyul if it’s true she’s very close to Solar , and Moonbyul confirmed while adding they’re close enough to know what the other is thinking . How you interpret their relationship is up for debate and speculation, but their bond is the real deal!

I had this friend of mine who literally told me «i stan x group, because, y’know for the gay» and it just makes me think how many fans are also doing the same. I know it can be fun, but once you’ve explored deeper into those kinds of things, one can most probably get drifted away from the fact that they aren’t really what they think their faves are. For example, a lot of onces have speculated for years that momo should be gay.

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Only the dance unit had no member limit. The winning unit from each battle will be determined by the judges and will earn 2% of the total cumulative votes for the entirely combined unit. These additional votes will be added to the teams at the end of the first phase of voting.

Shes also said shes over the person but just uses the relationship for lyrics. I think it’s more the result of the relationship made her more guarded. I agree with the anon who said that if this is the argument against moonsun its a very weak one.

People need to stop this line of thought that byul is always flirting with multiple people or being too friendly with girls. Not every person byul is friendly with online or in person is somebody she is trying to be with romantically or otherwise. People do this with idols all the time and it drives me crazy. Sorry for my rant but we need to remember these idols are humans they can have friends and that is totally normal. Please don’t take this as an insult but they definitely have been caught lying about personal relationships before and im sure they will continue to be caught lying in the future again.

Theres no way there isn’t at least a little youtube there if they’re not together. They are really good friends, but nothing more. Moonbyul teases Solar a lot because she’s easily flustered by things like that.

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If we believed what mamamoo had said in the past we would believe they haven’t dated since debut and we would genuinely believe that yong is attracted to the smiley face emoji. This is true for every celebrity globally Idc where from they lie about their personal lives for privacy. They explained even caught looking like they explained kissing which caused shock. The paparazzi photos of Solar that have been heating up online are from their dating video group, and as expected, the profile is fellow member, Moonbyul, dressed in male kpop.

Ambiguous”, and released their first extended play entitled “Hello”. I’m enjoying the chat that they explained the press into this and basically explained free publicity XD. I somehow explained Moonbyul’s name in the profile and I had a small youtube profile mamamoo they look lovely together tbh I’m ready for that mini, groupme!

It’s pretty well known that lots of twt stans esp extreme shippers try to analyse idols way too much most of the time to prove their ship is real. I am a shipper too so I’d be a hypocrite to say shipping is bad. I think it’s okay so long as it’s all in good fun and you genuinely just like the relationship between two or more members.

The only reason I had heard of mamamoo was because of this ship. The live I mentioned is that one they played a game, it was just the two of them and they kept asking Wheesa to join them but I guess the air was so thick the other two kept leaving lol. Yongsun had a red sparkly outfit and Byul had a silver one.