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How To Cite Romeo And Juliet In MLA

On page 612 Romeo says, «By love, that first did prompt me inquire.» At this point in the story he’s talking to Juliet at her house, and he’s telling her how he loves her even though they only met the night before. Since they fell in is bookofsex com free love instantly why shouldn’t they be able to get married instantly? They both love each other and i think that they would’ve killed themselves or something even earlier. I feel like marriage was the only option for Romeo and Juliet.

Act 2, Scene 3

A number of critics have found the character of Mercutio to have unacknowledged homoerotic desire for Romeo. Jonathan Goldberg examined the sexuality of Mercutio and Romeo utilising queer theory in Queering the Renaissance , comparing their friendship with sexual love. Mercutio, in friendly conversation, mentions Romeo’s phallus, suggesting traces of homoeroticism. As Benvolio argues, she is best replaced by someone who will reciprocate.

Yes, marriage was the only way out because the only thing that was stopping them from getting married was the fact that the two families hate each other. If two people really love each other they wouldn’t let that keep them from being together forever. «Two households, both alike in dignity… From ancient grudge breaks civil mutiny.» This text shows that the two families do hate each other but in the end have to come together because Romeo and Juliet both die.

Marriage was the only option for Romeo and Juliet because Juliet is only 13 years old and she is to young to run away with Romeo and death shouldn’t be thought of when your 13 years old. Both of their families hated each other so the only other dumb decision was marriage to stop the feud between the two. Prohibit firearm possession by us supreme court used historically in texas are premised on dating violence against sexual conduct or. While there is no one under this article is the state level.

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Then there’s the additional situation of having to hide it, which con only provoke more negativity into their families as well as themselves. They could of met a few more times and decided if it was the right thing to do. Romeo could of also stopped seeing her and went out with a few more ladies to see if there was anyone more charming than Juliet. As Benvolio said, «But in that crystal scales let there be weigh’d/ Your lady’s love against some other maid.» This quote is basically the «plenty of fish in the sea» equivalent of the Shakespearean era.

Romeo and Juliet could’ve confronted their problem instead of hiding it in the depths of secrecy. Because of it, their lives resulted in death–so young, so soon. Marriage was not the only option because they did love each other but it was all so sudden.

Just a day before, Romeo thought that he was in love with Rosaline. Friar Lawrence is very surprised when Romeo asks him to marry them, «Is Rosaline, that thou didst love so dear, so soon forsaken?» . It makes no sense that they would dive head first into a marriage a day after they met. They should have found a way to tell it to their family slowly and gracefully. If they were truly ready to be married, they wouldn’t show up dead two days later. I know firsthand that teenagers do reckless things without thinking.

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They could have also talked to there parents and told them how much they cared for each other. I chose this because it seems that Lord Capulet is ok with Romeo so maybe if they talked to their parents about the true love they had for each other they could have gotten them to understand and give them their blessing. In my opinion, I do not think that marriage was the only option or the only way to go. It was obvious that Romeo and Juliet were in-love, but I think that they were married too fast, especially because the fact that Juliet was only 14 year olds. On page 613 line 90, Juliet says, » Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say » Ay» And I will take thy word. Yet, if…..» Right off the bat, Juliet wants to marry Romeo as soon as possible.

This is shown on page 638″ And for that offense immediately we do exile him hence». This would had never happen if Romeo and Juliet never jumped the gun at the party. They should of had secret date or something like that so the families would of stayed whole and no one would of died. Romeo and Juliet had more options then getting married. Witch is why I believe there was more then one solution for their problem.

His surviving works include nearly 40 plays and over 150 sonnets, and his body of work is widely performed, analyzed, studied, and reinterpreted to this day. The Shakescleare version of Romeo and Juliet contains the complete original play alongisde a line-by-line modern English translation. Prosecutors will charge adults with statutory rape as a means to protect minors from engaging in sexual activity when they are not fully capable of understanding the consequences of such acts. Statutory rape is a common charge considered under the Romeo and Juliet laws when an adult engages in consensual sex with another below the age of consent. Typically, the Romeo and Juliet states will allow a person to have consensual sex with a minor provided they do not have more than a certain number of years in age difference. Shortly after the investigation concluded, Wilson was charged with rape.

The play, set in Verona, Italy, begins with a street brawl between Montague and Capulet servants who, like the masters they serve, are sworn enemies. Prince Escalus of Verona intervenes and declares that further breach of the peace will be punishable by death. Later, Count Paris talks to Capulet about marrying his daughter Juliet, but Capulet asks Paris to wait another two years and invites him to attend a planned Capulet ball. Lady Capulet and Juliet’s Nurse try to persuade Juliet to accept Paris’s courtship.

The case was appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court twice, each time resulting in a refusal to hear the case. A slew of motions, and a scathing editorial in the New York Times, saw the case before the Georgia Supreme Court again. This time, the Court took into consideration that the laws were intended to punish sexual predators, not teen lovers. On October 26, 2007, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Wilson’s sentence amounted to cruel and unusual punishment, and ordered an immediate release. Registered sex offenders are subject to certain restrictions, such as maintaining a certain distance from schools and other places where children frequent.