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Choose Fonts for Your Website With Examples

There are many more, but choosing a font with an Extended Latin character set will ensure that accented letters don’t mistakenly default to the unaccented version. If you want a totally unique, bespoke typeface—and who wouldn’t—it can be expensive and time consuming, so start by reaching out to foundries for quotes. On the bright side, whomever you hire will probably handle many of the concerns listed in this guide. Among your free options, you could always look for a less commonly used web font. As a general rule, choosing a newer release means it won’t be in widespread use—at least not yet.

choosing fonts for website

Above all, you don’t want to underestimate your typographic needs or the needs of your readers. The more styles, characters, and scripts a font supports, the better prepared you’ll be. Choosing a font that includes characters for other languages, guarantees that the design of your site will remain consistent for a broader swath of your readership.

Playfair Display

Would do well on wedding invitations or in titles or logos for small businesses with a very specific audience. Bogart is a smooth, nostalgic and innovative title font that was designed in 2020. It’d pack a punch of personality to connect with audiences in product packaging designs or book covers. Apparel feels like it belongs in a coffee table magazine to me, it’s so styled and minimal. It would suit branded copy of a similar aesthetic, so perhaps if you’re launching a fashion or interiors brand, this could work brilliantly in your style guide.

Mission Script is a warm and friendly font with its playful brushstrokes and, yet, very down-to-earth styling. If you’re looking for a thick cursive font that fills up space well, Milkshake is a good one to consider. Many web fonts aren’t pre-installed with WordPress, your theme, or your drag and drop page builder plugin.

Creative Typography: Pushing the Boundaries

To help determine some of the very best fonts for web design, we dug into the font choices of Webflow users over the past several years. We discovered 11 different fonts that hung out at the top of the charts year after year. There are grunge fonts that can give your site’s lettering a rustic, wood-carved look. There are lined fonts that might make your text look like an old Hollywood marquee. With 14 different styles to this font family, you have a variety of ways you can put this simply-styled serif to use.

choosing fonts for website

Because this library of fonts is stacked in a web service, your visitors from all around the globe will see exactly the same page with the same font. Additionally, it ensures that your web presence stays uniform across all browsers and devices. You may be tempted to experiment with new fonts when creating your web design, but don’t! Every single time someone receives your business card or visits your website, they get a small glimpse into you brand DNA and your company’s overall design. Together, these perceptions of your brand need to create a complete and coherent picture—otherwise your brand might end up looking like a jumbled mess with no recognition value.

The best web safe fonts with serifs:

Designed specifically to be readable even in very small sizes, it’s perfect for web accessibility, usability, business cards and mobile screens. When selecting typography, it’s crucial to consider your brand personality and tone, your target demographic, accessibility for all users, and intuitive font pairings. The right typographic choices allow you to tell your unique brand story that resonates with your audience and adds value to their experience. You can also contrast the styles – a rounded font like Rockwell would pop next to a more geometric font like Futura.

choosing fonts for website

With the decorative font, any message becomes more reader-friendly as it helps perceive the text as unusual and dazzling. For example, the Chainzoku beverage website uses a decorative font to present the brand in a whimsical way. A script font is also applied to give a retro-style look to the website.

Cursive Fonts

While there is no predictive equation (no Times New Roman always equals THIS specific mood), we have grown up in a culture where personality associations have developed. Therefore, much of the prediction may be based on awareness and instinct. choosing fonts for website With the basics out of the way, you can safely move on to more complicated decisions like font pairing. Pairing can be a fairly nuanced and complicated matter, even for type experts, but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided altogether.

  • Alegreya comes with a classic look – it was designed for literature, making it perfect for longer bodies of text.
  • Originally designed by Google to be an Android system font, this neo-grotesque sans serif is now used on websites like YouTube, Flipkart, and
  • Font Awesome is a collection of highly customizable icons that can be added to any website.
  • Last, we have decorative fonts, which can be either serifs or sans serif fonts.
  • Understanding your target audience is essential in font selection.

Decorative fonts are only fun until the reader can’t make out what they’re supposed to be saying. See how the two web designs above aim for two completely different looks? In both cases the choice of fonts effortlessly blends in with the rest of the design and communicates perfectly what the brands stand for. Picking the right font for your website entirely depends on the goal you want to achieve. When thinking about style and design you need to have an agenda and figure out how you want to be presented to the world out there. Simply put, your choice of fonts says a lot about your business, so choose wisely.

Outline Fonts

Legibility and readability are related concepts in typography that are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different aspects of how text appears and functions on the page. Legibility pertains explicitly to how easily readers can distinguish individual letters or characters from one another. It focuses on the clarity of each glyph and its identifiability, especially at small point sizes or in unusual contexts like extreme boldness or italics. For example, a highly legible font would have differentiated forms for similar letters like “l”, “I”, and “1”, which remain unambiguous even at 8 or 9-point sizes. On the other hand, readability deals with how comfortably and efficiently a block of text can be read and understood.

choosing fonts for website

This ensures your typography is optimized for the smallest screens where readability is most crucial. In this guide, we’ll unravel the secrets of web typography and reveal our top selections to transform your Elementor website into a visual masterpiece. Narrowing down the choices and finding the ones that will fit your website the best, can be challenging, but, luckily, this guide will aid you in the process. Then, there’s the “Medium” font, which is a heavily outlined font with random openings in the characters.

Choose fonts that fit your brand

Raleway is a san serif font with open letterforms that make it easy to read on screens. Whether you find these words inspiring or intimidating, the plain fact is that the right typographic choice always reflects the specific needs of the project itself. Certain fonts work best in headlines, while others read well in paragraphs.

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